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Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Hey girl- you'll be reading this sometime in the near future but as I type this you are probably sound asleep. In fact, I normally try to get to bed before 1:00 a.m. but I am completely wired. I wish I could share the meeting I had on Monday or the follow-up proposal I spent the day creating but I can't...just yet.

One thing I've noticed is that their are trade secrets that people don't often share about purpose. We hear about "grinding" and burning the midnight oil but to be honest right now, as I type this I feel asthough I am in a supernatural bubble of potential. I feel the peace of the Lord and soooo much life and energy. My spirit is alive.

(I hope that this presence can transcend to wherever you are right now.)

It's the excitement of living by faith. Being in expectation. Drawing SUPERNATURAL opportunities to you by simply moving unapologetically in the mindset and the resilience of the women that you know that you are suppose to create. It feels amazing and even as I am beginning to become filled with joy as I type this allll I can think about is you... strange right? I have a whole hubby brushing his teeth headed to bed wondering why I'm not knocked out already. (He lives this midnight oil life almost EVERY NIGHT!) And also is making a lot of noise in the bathroom

But God has my heart set on serving you and other women who are creating "her" in this season. Needless to say I should probably head to bed soon. I did the work today. I flowed the best way I know how and I feel good about it. Its all about doing the best you can and honoring patience as your "favorite virtue"(at least for me it is). I did miss asking a lady who I ran into, in three different aisles at the store- if she understood how much she is loved by God. Sis, if you are led to share with someone please do better than me. I'm still working on it and I'm glad I am loved either way.

On that note. Be at peace and in service today. We are apart of the most beautiful Kingdom in the world and we have a lot to do to make sure we assist in sharing our reality with others.

So go and create the fullness of the woman you are called to be. It's now 2:50 a.m. Good day to you and goodnight to me!

All my best,

Taylor Bell

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