If you are like me, sometimes you find yourself daydreaming about your future. You see vivid pictures of your best life- pursuing your wildest dreams.. living and operating in the fullness of your divine purpose. You realize that there is so much more to life yet you have never been in an environment where you can actually develop into being the woman you envision yourself as! 


As a woman of faith, ​we all have unrealized potential, in fact the journey through life is all about unraveling its mysteries through our relationship with God and becoming who we were created to be. But, where can you BE that reality before it exists? In an environment where everyone is living in the now of their faith? Create(her) is a space where the future is in the NOW.  


I would like to invite you on the Create(her) journey- where you are free to be the you that you are manifesting into. Whether it be an International Author, Artist, or Entrepreneur-  you will finally have permission to explore the reality of who she is!


I invite you to show up as (her) to ANY of my events. I am committed to designing spaces and experiences for you to create(her).


Let's redefine faith together and BE the woman that God + YOU are co-creating!


I'm so excited to meet the TRUE YOU!



Create the woman.

Hi, I'm Taylor.

I help women elevate their mindset as they move in purpose. Whether it's during an empowerment event, one-on-one coaching, or guided meditation- I provide solutions for purpose-centered women of faith to launch into the reality of the woman that God has called them to be.